Common Seal Symbolisation

The Three Waves

Represents the importance of Credentials, Credibility and Courage (the 3C’s) for Pacific Nurses to stand strong in their own authority. (Dr Margaret Southwick, personal communication, 2012).


The Seitapu

“Seitapu – Sei is a flower worn in your hair, Tapu is the sacred position of the flower on the head, put together it is a strong force of beauty, spirituality and power” (Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann, 2007).


The Colours

The wave colours represent the different reflections of the Pacific Ocean.  Blue represents credibility, green credentials and the red seitapu courage.


The Elements Combined

A fusion is created of nursing academia, experience and Pacific cultural knowledge whilst harnessing the authority and higher ideals of blue, balance and growth of green with the energizing strength of red.