New Zealand

 A professional association for Pacific Nurses across

New Zealand and the Pacific



 “Pacific Peoples will achieve their fullest

potential for wellbeing, strength and longevity”



There is a growing number of Pacific Nurses connecting through post-graduate studies who have the desire and intention to improve Pacific health outcomes through applied knowledge, experience and relationships. Purposeful integration of advanced nursing knowledge with the traditional and ever-evolving Pacific cultural knowledges will create a new paradigm to benefit Pacific peoples in the New Zealand context. 

The Pan Pacific Nurses Association, NZ (PPNA) has been formed recognising the benefits of this fusion and harnessing nursing academia and expertise.  This unique collaboration of nurses across the health care continuum has been founded primarily through the success of the Aniva Nursing Leadership programme where the importance of credentials, credibility and courage were inaugurated and enhanced (Southwick, personal communication, 2012). Strong, inspirational Pacific Nurses with a range of experience, skills knowledge and relationships are necessary for change.  The PPNA acknowledges and recognises:  

  • Success relies on the relationships with our Pacific, non-Pacific and intersectorial colleagues;

  • Pacific health is viewed through a holistic lens and must be incorporated within a Pacific paradigm;

  • The importance of investing in Pacific Nurses, with support and help from friends and partners from relevant organisations; 

  • The need to continuously transform our health system to meet the challenges of the present and the future for Pacific peoples.



The PPNA will take an active leadership role in developing and strengthening credibility in Pacific Nursing by developing and enhancing the 3C’s – Credentials, Credibility and Courage underpinned by the Seitapu Cultural Competency Framework. The vision of the PPNA will be realised through the promotion of the following principles and actions, which in summary are:


Professional Pacific Nursing

  • Health promotion and wellness to reduce inequity;

  • Support and participate in research for Pacific communities through the process of gap and data analysis;

  • Contribute, design, advocate health policies to influence the delivery of services;

  • Support the practical application of nursing knowledge through a Pacific lens; and

  • Promote and participate in showcasing academic work through a variety of media.



  • Professional development for strategic career pathways;

  • Mentorship of all Pacific nurses with a particular focus on those in leadership positions.



  • Support and strengthen the cultural identity of Pacific Nurses;

  • Strengthen the Aniva Nursing Leadership Programme graduates and affiliated members network across the health and social sectors;

  • Build relationships, affiliations or cooperate with any relevant organisations or bodies that will advantage the health, wellbeing of Pacific families in New Zealand and where possible in the Pacific.

  • To enable Association members to contribute to their own professional development to encourage and empower them in their respective roles within the health sector.

The Association includes all Pacific Nurses who align and embrace the vision of this Association with the view of continued nurturing and developing leadership in the Pacific health sector.