Pasifika Medical Association Conference, Niue 2019

Pasifika Medical Association Conference, Niue 2019
THE RISING TIDE, had four key themes:
Responding to the effects of Climate Change; Turning ripples into waves-sharing new approaches to workforce development; Navigating the future towards
positive Mental Health and Turning the tide on Non-Communicable diseases.

The conference was made possible on Niue by Dr Colin Tukuitonga and was well attended by many health professionals including the Hon. Henry Puna, Prime Minister of the Cook Islands. The opening of the conference by the Niue Primary School Ukulele group headed by their Principal Mrs Carol Edward's and Ukulele teacher Mrs OLove Hekesi, set the scene for the conference with the beautiful sound from the future of Niue. Presentations by all, showed the wealth of knowledge being shared, whilst the importance of the key themes remained at the forefront of the conference. It was good to have PPNA member Manogi Taviliniu-Eiao presenting on her Master's topic. Thank you to PMA and the Hakupu Village Council for hosting the closing ceremony with a traditional dinner. The week ended with the Moana Pacific Women's Network and Mrs Debbie Sorenson hosting the Women's Breakfast. Inspiring women to 'take as much space as we can' and to have those 'courageous conversations'. Fakaaue Lahi.

Posted: Sun 10 Nov 2019